This is where I find my god and religion.
: Today I talked to a bus driver


We talked about the weather and the traffic

But eventually got on to more personal topics

She talked about her childhood after saying she was born in the seventies since I had mistaken her for being much younger

She squealed in joy as I guessed her to be in her twenties

She talked about how…

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Til Death: Black Diamond and White Gold Traditional Armenian Wedding Ring by Artmasters. $1,249.00

Love this

Such a gorgeous ring setting.

This is such a hard setting oh my jesus. eventually I will be able to create things at this skill level.
Today i went up to my first high school crush


I quickly aproached his clique with a slick saying of : “heyeyey what’s up guys.” Faced him, quickly hugged him, said the words, “Bye first highschool cursh” and then ran down the hallway.

I’m a creep. 

FacePalm...err  book

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best friends. The Bad Ass look That’s how we roll~

Danza Kuduro by Don Omar ft.Lucenzo
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Big Bang Theory Influence #2